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These aren't your ordinary interviews. Sean Croxton, former host of Underground Wellness Radio, goes deep with the best-of-the-best experts, authors, and top performers in personal development, money management, relationships, and health to reveal their stories, struggles, and strategies to inspire YOU to live your best life.
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Mar 24, 2016

Is your inner critic turned up full-blast, telling you what you can’t do and why you can’t do it? Melissa Ambrosini, author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, reveals how you can press the mute button on your inner critic and stay on your path to following your passions and purpose in life.

Topics include:

* Your greatest power: how your ability to CHOOSE is the key to mastering your inner critic.

* The perils of suppressing your emotions … and how to give yourself permission to feel.

* A simple, easy practice that will shift your attitude and boost your results in everything you do. (You'll be "thankful" you learned it!)

* How to deal with criticism, and why you never want to listen to the people “in the stands”.

PLUS, our good friend Bob Proctor stops by to share a life-shifting tip for truly understanding and internalizing the information you read and study.

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Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 24, 2016

Does finance-speak have you confused? Finance expert Nicole Lapin, author of Rich Bitch, answer your Facebook questions!

Topics include:

* The pros and cons of buying versus renting a home.

* How to manage your finances wisely … without depriving yourself (or eating cat food!)

* Realistic investment options … when you’re on a budget.

* Compound interest: how to make your money go to work for you!

* How to save for your child’s education.

* The potential problem with your 401K.

Why Nicole LOVES Roth IRAs.

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Mar 16, 2016

Financial expert and author, Nicole Lapin, opens up and reveals her story in a way she never has before. Find out how her father’s influence and chaotic upbringing instilled her with the mindset and work ethic to become the youngest anchor ever hired by CNN at age 21, the author of a bestselling book at 31, and CEO of her own production company. 

Topics include:

* The incredible story of Dr. Ron Lapin. How Nicole’s father changed medicine and saved thousands of lives.

* Why Nicole “hated” reporters before eventually becoming one.

* The #1 key to standing out in today’s competitive job market.

* How to stop “smiling and nodding” when it comes to your finances.

* The one question you MUST answer to get your budget and finances in order.

Nicole’s bestselling book, Rich Bitch, is now available in paperback on Amazon and your local book retailers. Get it!

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Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 11, 2016

Antidepressants are NOT what the pharmaceutical companies say they are. Dr. Kelly Brogan, author of A Mind of Your Own: What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can't, reveals what the scientific literature really says about antidepressants and what really causes depression. 

In today's sessions you'll learn:

* What your gut, thyroid, blood sugar, birth control, cholesterol, and Tylenol usage have to do with your mood.

* The BIG problem with 50% of all scientific literature … and what it may be doing to your doctor's ability to make decisions and your ability to choose.

* The number of studies proving that depression is a serotonin deficiency. (Hint: you can count them on no fingers.)

* What the pharmaceutical industry’s own studies say about how antidepressants work and the power of BELIEF.

* How antidepressants actually make depression worse (and potentially permanent) long-term.

* The “Great Psychiatric Pretender” most docs never look for.

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Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 8, 2016

Break those bad habits and create new ones! Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before, reveals 8 effective strategies for creating new habits. Plus, how to exploit your own personality type to make your habits stick.

Topics include:

-  Why sometimes we can change and sometimes we can’t – even if we want to.

- When it comes to habits and expectations, there are only four types of people. Which type are you?

- How to bust through the limitations of your habit tendencies to live more consistently with your nature.

- The 4 foundational things you need to get a handle on to master your good habits and eliminate the need for willpower.

– The importance of getting control over (or getting rid of!) the “stuff” in your life.

– Abstainers vs. moderators. Why some people need it to be “all or nothing” and how it out could make all your cravings disappear.

– Are rewards and values undermining your habits? How to set up rewards to make your habits stronger…and when it’s OK to admit that you don’t even want to try.

– The real reason we want new habits and how they can make your life “Better Than Before.”

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 1, 2016

Because no relationship is perfect! Relationship expert Arielle Ford, author of Turn Your Mate into Your Soul Mate, shares her best (and most realistic) tips for living happily EVEN after with your significant other.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- Why Arielle found herself 43 and still single, and what she did to attract her soulmate … in just 6 months!

- The fairy tale myth: Why relationships feel so perfect at the beginning … and what to do when reality sets in.

- Why your partner seems to always know how to push your buttons.

- How to get a man to leave the toilet seat down … and never have to ask again!

- How evolving gender roles are changing relationships, but not as much as you think.

- Are you and your partner speaking the same language? Find out how to find each other’s Love Languages, and how to be better givers and receivers of love.

- Being right versus being happy: Would you rather be right or loved?

- How to add a little “wabi sabi” to your partner’s minor imperfections before they build up and destroy your relationship.

- A scientifically proven way to inject more intimacy and vulnerability into your relationship … one question at a time.

- Why rewriting your “origin story” can almost guarantee that your relationship will last!

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