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These aren't your ordinary interviews. Sean Croxton, former host of Underground Wellness Radio, goes deep with the best-of-the-best experts, authors, and top performers in personal development, money management, relationships, and health to reveal their stories, struggles, and strategies to inspire YOU to live your best life.
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Nov 24, 2016

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Pam Grout, author of Thank and Grow Rich, reveals how gratitude is the key element in creating miracles in your life. In this episode, you'll learn:

* Why we should spend less time focused on our problems, and what we should be doing instead.

* How your “preset button” could be holding you back, and why two people looking at the same thing might see something completely different. 

* How to shift from thinking to thanking and to quiet your inner negative voice and bring more of want you want into your life. 

* When a coincidence might be much more than that, and where to start looking for more signs from the universe. 

* Two simple questions to ask yourself when you get stuck and need to get back on track. 

* How you can easily become a “luck magnet.”

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Hosted by Sean Croxton.

Nov 7, 2016

Matt Sanders, my own personal therapist, discusses how intimacy and vulnerability can be the greatest sources of strength, power, and masculinity for men. Here’s what we talked about:

- Where we often go wrong with intimacy, and simple things we can do to help build lasting relationships. 

- How being intimate and vulnerable actually makes you stronger and more masculine, not less!

- The blurred lines between masculine and feminine energies, and why men and women should embrace both.

- Specific strategies you can use to be more vulnerable and present with your partner.

- How trauma leads to drama and why you must break free from toxic relationships.

- When you should work on your relationship and when it might be time to walk away.

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Hosted by Sean Croxton