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These aren't your ordinary interviews. Sean Croxton, former host of Underground Wellness Radio, goes deep with the best-of-the-best experts, authors, and top performers in personal development, money management, relationships, and health to reveal their stories, struggles, and strategies to inspire YOU to live your best life.
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Nov 24, 2016

Just in time for Thanksgiving! Pam Grout, author of Thank and Grow Rich, reveals how gratitude is the key element in creating miracles in your life. In this episode, you'll learn:

* Why we should spend less time focused on our problems, and what we should be doing instead.

* How your “preset button” could be holding you back, and why two people looking at the same thing might see something completely different. 

* How to shift from thinking to thanking and to quiet your inner negative voice and bring more of want you want into your life. 

* When a coincidence might be much more than that, and where to start looking for more signs from the universe. 

* Two simple questions to ask yourself when you get stuck and need to get back on track. 

* How you can easily become a “luck magnet.”

Learn more about Pam at

Hosted by Sean Croxton.

Nov 7, 2016

Matt Sanders, my own personal therapist, discusses how intimacy and vulnerability can be the greatest sources of strength, power, and masculinity for men. Here’s what we talked about:

- Where we often go wrong with intimacy, and simple things we can do to help build lasting relationships. 

- How being intimate and vulnerable actually makes you stronger and more masculine, not less!

- The blurred lines between masculine and feminine energies, and why men and women should embrace both.

- Specific strategies you can use to be more vulnerable and present with your partner.

- How trauma leads to drama and why you must break free from toxic relationships.

- When you should work on your relationship and when it might be time to walk away.

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Hosted by Sean Croxton


Oct 30, 2016
CODE YELLOW ALERT! This book was full of yellow highlighter by the time I was done with it. Jonathan Fields, author of this masterpiece called How to Live a Good Life, joins me for a discussion about how you can find fulfillment by filling all three of your Good Life Buckets.

Here's what we talked about:

* How to use “exposure therapy” to face fear and uncertainty.

* The benefits of being an introvert, and how to use your own social wiring to your advantage.

* One simple thing you can do to stop reacting to life and start living with more intention and meaning. 

* How to give your gratitude practice a big boost, and make someone else feel good at the same time.

* The best way to start meaningful conversations (you’ll never have to ask “What do you do?” ever again.)

* How to love the job you’re with, and be more fulfilled in ANY workplace. 

* What to do if you don’t know what your passion or purpose is, and why you shouldn’t worry about it if you don’t. 

Learn more about Jonathan at

Hosted by Sean Croxton
Oct 11, 2016

INSTANT CLASSIC ALERT! Bonnie Kelly, author of True to Your Core, shares her deeply personal story, as she reveals how negative core beliefs get stored in the subconscious mind and guide almost every decision and action we make. Find out how to uncover these subconscious negative core beliefs (NCB) and replace them through reframing, forgiveness, and choosing better memories.

Learn more about Bonnie at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Oct 4, 2016

Aaron Anastasi, author of The Voice of Your Dreams, shares his best tips for turning down the volume on the inner voice of limitation and turning up the voice of success.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

* Being vs. Doing. Why changing your way of being is the missing link in getting the results you’ve been wanting.

* Why it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. How to write a new story by shifting your focus and creating more empowering memories of the past.

* The Truth About You. How a short list of encouraging quotes can lead to big wins in high-pressure situations.

* Why perfection is the lowest standard you can EVER set for yourself. 

* The power of finding your own unique voice … because no one can ever do it like you.

Learn more about Aaron at

Hosted by Sean Croxton of

Aug 5, 2016

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When, stops by The Sessions to discuss how adjusting when you eat, when you exercise, when you consume caffeine, and when you get light exposure can optimize your health, energy, and productivity.

Topics include:

* The 8-Hour Myth: Why not everyone really NEEDS eight hours of sleep a night.

* How to find out what your sleep type is. Are you a dolphin, lion, bear, or wolf?

* Targeted tips and recommendations for insomniacs and night owls!

* The very worst thing you can do when you wake up in middle of the night.

* The best times to connect with your kids, fight with your partner, and of course, have sex.

Take the Chronotype Test and find your sleep type at

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Hosted by Sean Croxton.


Jul 26, 2016

The host in in the hot seat! This week, long-time listener Sean Baker takes the helm to lend me the opportunity to share my own personal story. Heres’ what we talked about:

* How a change in my thinking helped me to go from poverty to prosperity.

* My relationship with my father and the impact it has on my life today.

* How one personal training client and a flat screen TV changed my life.

* What I learned from calling out Oprah Winfrey, and why I don’t regret it.

* Why motivation alone is never enough.

* What’s up next for me: The Redefining of The One Percent.

Hosted by Sean Baker of


Jun 15, 2016

According to a Gallup survey, seventy-one percent of American workers are disengaged at work. In other words, almost three-quarters of us spend most of our waking hours doing something we do not like! We have bought into the belief that sacrificing our happiness now will bring success and happiness later.

Jake Ducey, author of Profit from Happiness, doesn’t see it that way. In this episode, Jake reveals how becoming the happier and more engaged version of yourself leads to more productivity, success, and a higher income.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

* Why GIVING is the first and most crucial self to GETTING.

* The one thing you can share that will make you and everyone else feel better.

* Martin Luther King’s secret to inspiring people to trust his vision. You can do this too!

* Why taking things personally is the ultimate expression of selfishness.

Learn more about Jake at

Hosted by Sean Croxton.

May 31, 2016

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expect. Christine Hassler, author of Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Life, and Love, shares her best tips for dealing with the disappointments of life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- The rock bottom moment that led Christine out of the deep depression and massive expectation hangover and into dedicating her life to helping other people do the same.

- Why challenging moments aren't just things to get over or get through, and we we should allow ourselves time to suffer a little bit.

- The power of vulnerability, and the one thing other people really want from you.

- The big difference between goals, intentions and expectations and what we’re all really chasing after when set a goal. 

- The ineffective—and sometimes dangerous—ways we numb out “bad” feelings, and why pain and disappointment are usually a good thing in the end.

- What surfers can teach us about processing our emotions, and why temper tantrums aren’t just for little kids anymore. 

- Is your story just attracting your undesired circumstances? How to change your story to start to attract more things that you really want. 

- The biggest gift we can give to a future partner (and to ourselves!)

- Why forgiving another person is never really about the other person, and how we can free ourselves from the past. 

- What’s your super power? How to identify your "super powers" and strengthen your intuition to make life easier and more enjoyable. 

- Learn more about Christine at

Hosted by Sean Croxton


May 11, 2016

On over a dozen prescription drugs, Tara Mackey, author of Cured by Nature, decided to heal herself from the inside out with natural herbs, meditation, and a new way of thinking. In this session, you'll find out:

* How Tara went from needing detox at birth, to being raised by her grandparents, to literally kicking her mother out of the house and into rehab at eleven years old.

* Why we need to be careful about what we say, and who we say it around ... even if we think nobody is listening.

* The big problem with child psychiatry that got Tara put on lithium at only 13 years old!

* How to turn your limiting beliefs into empowering ones, and start creating your own reality.

* Why you must “always stand guard at the door of your own mind.”

* Easy tips and remedies that will help you out of the pharmacy and closer to nature.

* The one person—and only person—you can count on right now to take care of your future self.

Learn more about Tara at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Apr 28, 2016

Are you living your purpose? In this week's bonus session, Jake Ducey — author of The Purpose Principles — reveals how you can draw more meaning into your life.

Here's what we talked about: 

The two most important questions we should be asking ourselves and why most people aren’t even thinking about them.

What the top regrets of dying people can teach us about life, happiness, and opportunity.

How we can encourage young people—and all people--to make better decisions, and be happier while they do it.

Why being scared all the time might be a good thing and the one thing highly successful people are doing that other people don’t.

The three small phrases we should all use more often to bring more purpose into our lives. 

Learn more about Jake at

Hosted by Sean Croxton. 


Apr 21, 2016

Elliott Hulse, author of KING: The IV Layer Approach to Becoming the Strongest Version of Yourself, drops by to discuss:

* The one thing we must do FIRST to change the world!

* How Elliott figured out what he wanted made all of his wants come true.

* The King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. Carl Jung’s archetypes … and how to know when yours are out of balance.

* What your feelings about that person you “can’t stand” may be saying about you.

* How steroids and a bad injury changed Elliott’s outlook and mission in life.

Learn more about KING at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Apr 14, 2016

Win the day! This week on The Sessions, Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula, reveals how adding more structure to your day can create more success, focus, and freedom in your life. Here’s what you’ll learn:

* The 3 Cs you need you need to know to have the perfect day.

* The absolute best time to get things done, and the best way to get a head start on tomorrow.

* How a few simple rules can make decisions — and life — much, much easier.

* The 5 Pillars of Transformation to create lasting change in any aspect of your life.

Learn more about The Perfect Day Formula at

Hosted by Sean Croxton.

Apr 7, 2016

Do life's big moments make you forget what to say and how to be? Amy Cuddy, author of Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, joins Sean for an in-depth discussion on WHY we crumble in our biggest moments and what to do about it.

Topics include:

* What’s really happening in those moments when you know exactly what you're going to say, but you just can’t say it.

* Are this year’s presidential candidates manipulating a widespread sense of powerlessness?

* Why being nervous isn’t always a bad thing, and the super easy reframe to make you feel better in an instant.

* How POWER got a bad rap, and why we need more power, not less, to create a better society. 

* Physical changes (a.k.a. Power Poses!) you can make right now that will change your mind — and could even change your life.

Learn more about Amy at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 24, 2016

Is your inner critic turned up full-blast, telling you what you can’t do and why you can’t do it? Melissa Ambrosini, author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, reveals how you can press the mute button on your inner critic and stay on your path to following your passions and purpose in life.

Topics include:

* Your greatest power: how your ability to CHOOSE is the key to mastering your inner critic.

* The perils of suppressing your emotions … and how to give yourself permission to feel.

* A simple, easy practice that will shift your attitude and boost your results in everything you do. (You'll be "thankful" you learned it!)

* How to deal with criticism, and why you never want to listen to the people “in the stands”.

PLUS, our good friend Bob Proctor stops by to share a life-shifting tip for truly understanding and internalizing the information you read and study.

Learn more about Bob’s Classics live video stream at

Find out more about Melissa’s new book at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 24, 2016

Does finance-speak have you confused? Finance expert Nicole Lapin, author of Rich Bitch, answer your Facebook questions!

Topics include:

* The pros and cons of buying versus renting a home.

* How to manage your finances wisely … without depriving yourself (or eating cat food!)

* Realistic investment options … when you’re on a budget.

* Compound interest: how to make your money go to work for you!

* How to save for your child’s education.

* The potential problem with your 401K.

Why Nicole LOVES Roth IRAs.

Learn more about Nicole at

Hosted by Sean Croxton of

Mar 16, 2016

Financial expert and author, Nicole Lapin, opens up and reveals her story in a way she never has before. Find out how her father’s influence and chaotic upbringing instilled her with the mindset and work ethic to become the youngest anchor ever hired by CNN at age 21, the author of a bestselling book at 31, and CEO of her own production company. 

Topics include:

* The incredible story of Dr. Ron Lapin. How Nicole’s father changed medicine and saved thousands of lives.

* Why Nicole “hated” reporters before eventually becoming one.

* The #1 key to standing out in today’s competitive job market.

* How to stop “smiling and nodding” when it comes to your finances.

* The one question you MUST answer to get your budget and finances in order.

Nicole’s bestselling book, Rich Bitch, is now available in paperback on Amazon and your local book retailers. Get it!

Learn more about Nicole at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 11, 2016

Antidepressants are NOT what the pharmaceutical companies say they are. Dr. Kelly Brogan, author of A Mind of Your Own: What Women Can Do About Depression That Big Pharma Can't, reveals what the scientific literature really says about antidepressants and what really causes depression. 

In today's sessions you'll learn:

* What your gut, thyroid, blood sugar, birth control, cholesterol, and Tylenol usage have to do with your mood.

* The BIG problem with 50% of all scientific literature … and what it may be doing to your doctor's ability to make decisions and your ability to choose.

* The number of studies proving that depression is a serotonin deficiency. (Hint: you can count them on no fingers.)

* What the pharmaceutical industry’s own studies say about how antidepressants work and the power of BELIEF.

* How antidepressants actually make depression worse (and potentially permanent) long-term.

* The “Great Psychiatric Pretender” most docs never look for.

Find out about special pre-order bonuses for A Mind of Your Own at

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 8, 2016

Break those bad habits and create new ones! Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before, reveals 8 effective strategies for creating new habits. Plus, how to exploit your own personality type to make your habits stick.

Topics include:

-  Why sometimes we can change and sometimes we can’t – even if we want to.

- When it comes to habits and expectations, there are only four types of people. Which type are you?

- How to bust through the limitations of your habit tendencies to live more consistently with your nature.

- The 4 foundational things you need to get a handle on to master your good habits and eliminate the need for willpower.

– The importance of getting control over (or getting rid of!) the “stuff” in your life.

– Abstainers vs. moderators. Why some people need it to be “all or nothing” and how it out could make all your cravings disappear.

– Are rewards and values undermining your habits? How to set up rewards to make your habits stronger…and when it’s OK to admit that you don’t even want to try.

– The real reason we want new habits and how they can make your life “Better Than Before.”

Hosted by Sean Croxton

Mar 1, 2016

Because no relationship is perfect! Relationship expert Arielle Ford, author of Turn Your Mate into Your Soul Mate, shares her best (and most realistic) tips for living happily EVEN after with your significant other.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- Why Arielle found herself 43 and still single, and what she did to attract her soulmate … in just 6 months!

- The fairy tale myth: Why relationships feel so perfect at the beginning … and what to do when reality sets in.

- Why your partner seems to always know how to push your buttons.

- How to get a man to leave the toilet seat down … and never have to ask again!

- How evolving gender roles are changing relationships, but not as much as you think.

- Are you and your partner speaking the same language? Find out how to find each other’s Love Languages, and how to be better givers and receivers of love.

- Being right versus being happy: Would you rather be right or loved?

- How to add a little “wabi sabi” to your partner’s minor imperfections before they build up and destroy your relationship.

- A scientifically proven way to inject more intimacy and vulnerability into your relationship … one question at a time.

- Why rewriting your “origin story” can almost guarantee that your relationship will last!

Learn more about Arielle at

Get the first chapter of Turn Your Mate into Your Soul Mate FREE at

Hosted by Sean Croxton of


Feb 23, 2016

Marie Forleo, host of Marie TV and founder of B-School, stops by The Sessions to discuss the ups and downs she's encountered during her rise to the top. Topics include:

4:36 - Marie's original plan for what she wanted to be as a little girl, and why she’s always hated the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

5:35 - The promise Marie made to herself after her parents divorce and how it affects her today.

8:39 - How Marie started upselling her services -- at 9 years old! -- to try to make life better for the people around her. 

11:17 - Marie’s difficult experience through high school and the “moment of grace” that turned things around. 

17:06 - Want your question answered on MarieTV? How Marie decides which ones to answer — and one special time her response made a huge difference in a viewers life.

21:10 - How Marie deals with imposter syndrome and why “having it all figured out” isn’t as important as you might think. Plus, her embarrassing moment before the Steve Harvey show.

26:37 - The mindset shift that got Marie to stop blaming her parents and start taking responsibility for herself.

28:30 - Some of the specifics around how and why Marie lets intuition run her life. It got her a call from Oprah! 

34:55 - The Saturday Night Live concept: what we can learn from the long-running show about creating awesome stuff and staying on top.

40:37 - Marie talks relationships, having kids, and accepting the choices we make about our lives.

50:10 - The #1 tragedy Marie thinks we're facing today. Plus, can we save the world by eating less ice cream?!

53:22 - All about B-school: who it's for, what you'll learn, and how it can help you create a business you're proud of.

Watch Marie TV at And learn about B-School at

Feb 17, 2016

Emily Rosen, Director of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, shares her story of overcoming anorexia and bulimia.

Here’s the show notes!

4:12 - Emily’s transition from homeschool to high school leaves her feeling crazy around food and on the slippery slope from diet to eating disorder. 

7:25 - How strict eating habits during Emily’s childhood affected her attitude toward food and health. 

13:47 - Exactly how much Emily was (or wasn’t!) eating during the worst of her struggles and how it started affecting her body. Plus, the shocking source where Emily learned about bulimia and how to purge.

18:51 - The moment Emily realized her weight loss was drastic even though she couldn’t see it in the mirror. 

21:45 - Why you should NEVER comment on another person’s body shape, and what you can do instead if you’re concerned about a loved one. 

25:10 - Are eating disorders just about control? The many reasons why some turn to eating disorders and what Emily feels was the source of her own struggle. 

28:27 - Emily’s romantic relationships suffer due to her eating disorder, as she refused to eat anything on her wedding day and is a “shattered human” when her marriage falls apart. 

37:52 - When Emily realized she needed help and why it took her so long to recognize she had a problem. 

43:43 - A new job fills Emily with satisfaction and provides relief from her eating disorder, and eventually leads her into the nutrition world. 

45:33 Why health is about so much more than food, and why Emily will never answer the question, “What do you eat?” 

54:55 The number one thing Emily feels is vital for everyone and believes was key to her recovery. 

58:14 The lasting physical repercussions of her eating disorder and what it’s taught Emily about the human body.

Learn more about Emily and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating at

Register for the FREE Transforming Your Relationship with Food webinar at



Feb 9, 2016

Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker and author of Abundance Now, shares her personal stories and best lessons on amplifying your life and achieving prosperity today.

In this session, you'll learn:

- How to "make your job your investor!"

- Why it's time to "get off the nail."

- How to shift your language and focus on what YOU want.

- Why you should love your vision but not expect others to applaud it.

- Her best tips for developing High ROI Relationships.

- The #1 thing money buys access to.

Don't miss The Session Summary with Sean's top takeaways from this episode!

Learn more about Lisa at

Find out more about her new book at

Hosted by Sean Croxton.

Feb 4, 2016

Lissa Rankin, MD, stops by The Sessions to discuss her latest book, The Anatomy of a Calling. Find out why a successful OB-GYN listened to her inner voice, quit her job, and endeavored upon a journey to change medicine for the better.

Lissa reveals how the medical system traumatizes doctors, nurses, and patients. Plus, how to relax into the space between the chapters of your life. And what to do when your vibration no longer resonates or connects with your inner circle. 

Learn more about Lissa at and

Jan 25, 2016

Emmanuel Dagher, author of Easy Breezy Prosperity, joins Sean to reveal how you can find prosperity in every aspect of your life — well beyond your financially goals. Find out how to create a healthy relationship with money, the most common cause of debt and overspending, and how to become a better giver AND receiver.

Here are the show notes!

3:14 - How a young Emmanuel managed to stay safe — and eventually escape — living in the middle of the Lebanese Civil War.

7:29 - How the war took its toll on Emmanuel’s mental and physical health, and what he decided to do with the experience.

12:48 - Emmanuel begins to find healing after escaping to the United States. Hear how he made up for losing his childhood and is now “growing up in reverse.”

17:45 - Feel like life is just a long never-ending struggle? How to use your struggles to make your life easy breezy.

21:02 - How you can turning money into your friend by understanding its true purpose. Plus, how to give more … so that you can receive more, too!

26:19 - The most common underlying issues that keep you overspending and in debt, and the best way to get out of it.

29:35 - The truth about living in “lack” and what you can do to shift your mindset to get the things you want out of life.

32:25 - How to stop living for the weekend and bring more joy into your life — every single day of the week.

37:48 - Are you really ready to change? How to know when it’s time to get out of your comfort zone…and when it’s OK to stay there.

39:23 - The big difference between intuition and emotion and how to get rid of FOMO forever!

42:06 - Learn how to become a better giver AND receiver with Emmanuel’s simple process for giving and getting gifts.

Hosted by Sean Croxton of

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